Water Mark Publishing House
founded in 2002

Publishing activities

Water Mark Publishing House is the founder and the publisher of the magazines:

• The Gold Chervonets Magazine (the magazine about coins for collections, investment and gifts, published since 2006, issued 4 times per year, every issue includes a present – a commemorative coin of the Bank of Russia)
• The Watermark Magazine (the only Russian periodical dedicated to security printing products, published since 2003, issued 6 times per year, the Editorial board of the magazine includes the national banks of the CIS countries) - not published since 2017.
• The Watermark English Digest (published sinceρ 2007, issued 2 times per year) - not published since 2017.

Also Water Mark publishes representative and advertising polygraphic products (annual reports, corporate newspapers, magazines, booklets, catalogues, etc).

Organization of events

Water Mark holds International large-scale events:

• International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing - Watermark Conference (has been held since 2005 once in two years in different Russian cities)
• International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS (has been held since 2008, since 2012 annually in Moscow)
• International Commemorative Coins Contest – Coin Constellation (has been held since 2007 annually)

Information support

Water Mark Publishing House offers the full range of the information support services:

• Preparation and distribution of press releases
• Holding press-conferences and briefings
• Organization of panel discussions and seminars
• Communication with mass media, etc.


Tel.: +7 (812) 495-43-01 (-02), 346-50-15 (-16, -17, -18), 325-35-23
Fax: +7 (812) 325-20-99
E-mail: info@watermark.ru
Websites: www.watermark-conference.com

Post office address: Water Mark Ltd.
43-45, Staro-Petergofsky prospekt, liter B, office 4H
St. Petersburg, 190020, Russia

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